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Welcome to the web page for security and cryptography research in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California at San Diego. Our group conducts research in areas spanning from theory to practice: we work on the theoretical foundations of cryptography; the development and analysis of cryptographic protocols and algorithms; and on applied cryptography, systems security, and network security. In line with our broad security-related research interests, we are affiliated and actively collaborate with both the Theory Group and the Systems and Networking Group here at UCSD.

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Mihir Bellare
Russell Impagliazzo
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Stefan Savage
Hovav Shacham
Deian Stefan
Geoffrey M. Voelker
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Recent Alumni
Björn Tackmann (postdoc 2014–2016) IBM Research Zurich

Wilson Lian (Ph.D. 2016)Google
Karyn Benson (Ph.D. 2016)Akamai

Neha Chachra (Ph.D. 2015)Facebook
Matthew Der (Ph.D. 2015)
Tristan Halvorson (Ph.D. 2015)Google
He Liu (Lonnie) (Ph.D. 2015)Google
Keaton Mowery (Ph.D. 2015) Apple
Bhanu Vattikonda (Ph.D. 2015)Apple

Léo Ducas (postdoc 2013–2014) CWI Amsterdam
Viet Tung Hoang (postdoc 2013–2014) UMD/Georgetown (postdoc)UCSB (postdoc) → Florida State University

Sriram Keelveedhi (Ph.D. 2014)Google
Do-kyum Kim (Ph.D. 2014)Google
Feng Lu (Ph.D. 2014)Google
Sarah Meiklejohn (Ph.D. 2014)UCL
Jason Oberg (Ph.D. 2014)Tortuga Logic
David Wang (Ph.D. 2014)Google
Qing Zhang (Ph.D. 2014)Google

Vacha Dave (Postdoc 2013)Microsoft
Christian Kreibich (Researcher 2012–2013)
Nicholas Weaver (Researcher 2012–2013)ICSI

Vinh The Lam (Ph.D. 2013)Google
Petros Mol (Ph.D. 2013)Google
Andreas Pitsillidis (Ph.D. 2013)Google
Gjergji Zyba (Ph.D. 2013)Meraki

Jacob Maskiewicz (M.S. 2016) Facebook

Ian Foster (M.S. 2015) Salesforce
Radheshyam Balasundaram (M.S. 2015) Google

Chris Gardner (M.S. 2014) Arris
Devin Lundberg (M.S. 2014) Pinterest

Michael Goldberg (M.S. 2013) Google

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Recent News

November 12— This week, David Kohlbrenner traveled to Brooklyn to present his USENIX 2016 paper, “Trusted Browsers for Uncertain Times”, one of ten finalists in the 2016 2016 NYU-Poly CSAW Applied Research Competition. Today the judges announced that David’s paper took second place, winning a $750 prize. Congratulations!

September 25— UCSD B.S./M.S. alum Jake Maskiewicz, Ph.D. alum Steve Checkoway, and former postdoc Nadia Heninger won a Best Paper award at ACM CCS 2016 for their paper “A Systematic Analysis of the Juniper Dual EC Incident”! Jake presented the paper. Congratulations to Jake, Steve, Nadia, and their coauthors!

September 15— Congratulations to Wilson Lian who defended his dissertation today, titled "JIT Spraying Threats on ARM and Defense by Diversification" (and coming soon to an NDSS near you)!

July 20Kashmir Hill wrote an article about Steven Hill and Zhimin Zhou’s PETS 2016 paper: “Um, bad news: Pixelating or blurring doesn’t actually work to hide text.

Stefan Savage June 15— But wait...there's more! June has become a "Win Everything" month for Stefan, who today was named to the Irwin Mark and Joan Klein Jacobs Chair in Information and Computer Science, succeeding Ron Graham who is retiring. Congratulations yet again, Stefan!

June 13— Congratulations to Karyn Benson who defended her dissertation today, entitled "Leveraging Internet Background Radiation for Opportunistic Network Analysis"! After putting the last finishing touches on the document itself, Karyn will be taking her many talents to Boston where she will join Akamai's technical staff, as well as continue her training for future Boston Marathons. Congrats, Karyn! Karyn Benson

Stefan Savage June 11— In back-to-back awards, today Stefan Savage accepted the 2015 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award in the Computing Sciences for "innovative research in network security, privacy, and reliability that has taught us to view attacks and attackers as elements of an integrated technological, societal, and economic system." Congratulations once again, Stefan! (Also congratulating Stefan at the awards ceremony was Amin, both of whom look quite distinguished in tuxedos.) Stefan and Amin

Stefan Savage June 10— Today Stefan Savage was awarded the 2016 University of Washington CSE Alumni Achievement Award, together with Albert Greenberg. Stefan receives the award for his "outstanding research in network security and efforts to fight cyber crime...tackling everything from computer worms and online scams, to distributed attacks, insidious global consumer fraud networks, and automobile systems hacking." Congratulations, Stefan! Stefan Savage

June 3— Today the winners of the second annual CSE Graduate and Undergraduate awards were announced, and we are thrilled that David Kohlbrenner was awarded the Graduate Award for Research. Congratulations!
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Recent Publications

NIZKs with an Untrusted CRS: Security in the Face of Parameter Subversion, Mihir Bellare, Georg Fuchsbauer, and Alessandra Scafuro, Proceedings of Asiacrypt 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam, December 2016.

From Identification to Signatures, Tightly: A Framework and Generic Transforms, Mihir Bellare, Bertram Poettering, and Douglas Stebila, Proceedings of Asiacrypt 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam, December 2016.

Simultaneous Secrecy and Reliability Amplification for a General Channel Model, Russell Impagliazzo, Ragesh Jaiswal, Valentine Kabanets, Bruce M. Kapron, Valerie King, and Stefano Tessaro, Proceedings of TCC 2016-B, Beijing, October 2016.

Compactness vs Collusion Resistance in Functional Encryption, Baiyu Li and Daniele Micciancio, Proceedings of TCC 2016-B, Beijing, October 2016.

Message-Recovery Attacks on Feistel-Based Format Preserving Encryption, Mihir Bellare, Viet Tung Hoang, and Stefano Tessaro, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Vienna, October 2016.

Superhacks: Exploring and Preventing Vulnerabilities in Browser Binding Code, Fraser Brown and Deian Stefan, Proceedings of the Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security (PLAS), Vienna, October 2016.

A Systematic Analysis of the Juniper Dual EC Incident, Stephen Checkoway, Jake Maskiewicz, Christina Garman, Josh Fried, Shaanan Cohney, Matthew Green, Nadia Heninger, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann, Eric Rescorla, and Hovav Shacham, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Vienna, October 2016.

The Multi-User Security of Authenticated Encryption: AES-GCM in TLS 1.3, Mihir Bellare and Björn Tackmann, Proceedings of Crypto 2016, Santa Barbara, CA, August 2016.

Resisting Key Exfiltration: Big-Key Symmetric Encryption, Mihir Bellare, Daniel Kane, and Phillip Rogaway, Proceedings of Crypto 2016, Santa Barbara, CA, August 2016.

You’ve Got Vulnerability: Exploring Effective Vulnerability Notifications, Frank Li, Zakir Durumeric, Jakub Czyz, Damon McCoy, Stefan Savage, Michael Bailey, and Vern Paxson, Proceedings of the USENIX Security Symposium, Austin, TX, August 2016.

On the (In)effectiveness of Mosaicing and Blurring as Tools for Document Redaction, Steven Hill, Zhimin Zhou, Lawrence Saul, and Hovav Shacham, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Darmstadt, Germany, July 2016.

Automobile Driver Fingerprinting, Miro Enev, Alex Takakuwa, Karl Koscher, and Tadayoshi Kohno, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Darmstadt, Germany, July 2016.

Creating Cryptographic Challenges Using Multi-Party Computation: The LWE Challenge, Johannes Buchmann, Niklas Büscher, Florian Goepfert, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Juliane Krämer, Daniele Micciancio, Sander Siim, Christine van Vredendaal, and Michael Walter, The 3rd ACM ASIA Public-Key Cryptography Workshop (AsiaPKC 2016), Xi'an, China, May 2016.

New Negative Results on Differing-Inputs Obfuscation, Mihir Bellare, Igors Stepanovs, and Brent Waters, Proceedings of Eurocrypt 2016, Vienna, May 2016.

Nonce-Based Cryptography: Retaining Security when Randomness Fails, Mihir Bellare and Björn Tackmann, Proceedings of Eurocrypt 2016, Vienna, May 2016.

Honey Encryption beyond Message Recovery Security, Joseph Jaeger, Thomas Ristenpart, and Qiang Tang, Proceedings of Eurocrypt 2016, Vienna, May 2016.

Hash-Function based PRFs: AMAC and its Multi-User Security, Mihir Bellare, Daniel J. Bernstein, and Stefano Tessaro, Proceedings of Eurocrypt 2016, Vienna, May 2016.

Practical, Predictable Lattice Basis Reduction, Daniele Micciancio and Michael Walter, Proceedings of Eurocrypt 2016, Vienna, May 2016.

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